The following items were heard/seen on children’s wish lists this year and are recommended for donations:

  • Arts & Crafts (All Ages)
  • Barbie Dolls/Clothes
  • Books (All levels)/Crossword Puzzles/Word Find
  • Bowling Gift Cards
  • Cars and Trucks
  • Chuggington Toys
  • Dinotrux Toys
  • Doc McStuffins Toys
  • Educational Toys for all ages
  • Flash Cards for all ages
  • Games for older children – Uno, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Mastermind, Farkle, Battleship, etc.
  • GI Joe/ Army Men
  • Hot Wheels Toys
  • ITune Gift Cards
  • Lego Sets
  • Movie Theatre Gift Cards
  • Nerf Toys
  • Paw Patrol Toys
  • Peppa Pig Toys
  • PJ Masks
  • School supplies (pens/pencils/erasers/rulers/crayons/markers)
  • Sesame Street Toys
  • Shopkins
  • Sports Equipment (Balls, bats, gloves) for all ages
  • Spy Gear Toys
  • The Good Dinosaur
  • Thomas the Train

Various Other Donations:

Clothing Donations

We do not collect clothing as part of this drive. There are many local clothing drives during the season and many agencies accept clothes year-round. We ask that you donate directly to these fine programs.

Food Donations

We do not collect food items as part of this drive. If you wish to donate food for the holidays, please donate directly to the Cornucopia Food Pantry on campus or your local food pantry in your community.

Pet Food/Supplies

We do not collect pet food/supplies for this drive. If you would like to remember our furry friends, donate pet food or pet supplies directly to Elderpet, a program of the Thompson School of Applied Science or visit your local pet shelter.